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 Subject: Fw: Beware Christian Site


From: Islah Net
To: islah net
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:30 AM
Subject: Beware Christian Site

Beware Christian Site: http://www.openmysite.com/firmanallah

I have also visited the site recommended by firmanallah . I came to the conclusion that the site is a christian site. It seems that these people (whose name appear to be similar to muslims names) are trying to entice muslims to visit their site and confuse the muslims by using all islamic names, they even have sites for names of Allah (although I have not checked for authenticity).

I urge muslims worldwide to be aware of this site and ban it where possible (If I am not mistaken, the book which is recommended in this site (Mustaqiim) has already been banned by Malaysian Government).

Their aim, is that for muslims to think that their teaching is on islamic but yet, slowly they are diverted to christianity teaching. Pretty smooth work.

This site has a section for Holy books and when you clicked on it, you are actually in Bible Gateway search site. Also, I realised that the prayer recommended in their site is actually a christian prayer (disguise using Allah's name) and that is a further proof that this is devised by a Christian group.

I do not want to quote anything from their site in here but if you need further evidence and clarification,please email me directly.

Brother in Islam

Pls pass around to all your groups so that muslims are not caught by this deceit christian's website.

(diambil dari forwarded email)