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> Subject: The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick
> The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick
> A new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait, titled
> "The True Furqan".
> It is being described as the ayats of the Shaytan and
> Al-Furqan weekly magazine has found out that the two
> American printing companies;'Omega 2001' and 'Wine
> Press' are involved in the publishing of 'The True
> Furqan', a book which has also been titled 'The 21st
> Century Quran'!
> It is over 366 pages and is in both the Arabic and
> English languages...it is being distributed to our
> children in Kuwait in the private English schools!
> The book contains 77 Surats, which include Al-Fatiha,
> Al-Jana and Al-Injil. Instead of Bismillah, each Surat
> begins with a longer version of this incorporating the
> Christian belief of the three spirits. And this so
> called Quran opposes many Islamic beliefs. in one of
> its ayats it describes having more than one wife as
> fornication, divorce being non-permissable and it
> uses a new system for the sharing out of the will,
> opposing the current one. It states that Jihad is
> HARAAM. This book even goes as far as attacking Allah,
> Subhanahu wa Tahala! All this is poisoning our
> children at approx. $3.
> Brothers and Sisters pleae make sure you forward this
> email to as many people as possible so that we can
> stop this dangerous trick. Please tell everyone you
> know and may Allah reward you.
> Here's the review from AMAZON.COM click here.

(diambil dari forwarded email)