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True Story

Please take time to read this story, it really happen. I am helping my coll to warn everyone.. those who have to go out to do sales, please be extra extra careful. It can happen to any of us.

This happen to my coll, please do take heed in this story.

My coll is in the sales dept, and she received a call yesterday, from a man, saying that he wanted to meet up with her to discuss a training opportunity that he is arranging for his company. He introduced himself as a Financial Controller from CMB (the company)... and he is meeting the Executive Director to finalise on the training req and also to draw up the budget. My coll said since meeting with the Executive Director, my coll wanted to bring her manager along, but the guy disagree and said that the lunch is only for 4 pax. My coll tried to get his office phone number but he said he will give it to her later coz he is in a meeting.

He asked my coll to meet for lunch in one of the restaurant in Kompleks Antarabangsa. When my coll arrived there, she tried to call the HP no of this guy but couldnt get through. Then he called from a local no (Public Phone) asking where she was and when my coll said she already arrived and tried calling his HP but not avail, he said his HP was with his wife which has gone to pick up the Exec Director. Upon meeting up with that guy, he said that he knows who and who from NA (the name of our company). While entering the restaurant my coll's HP rang and it was this guy's wife so she pass the call to him but this guy asked her to call back saying that the line was bad (but the truth is he is not in
the right position to act yet). Once they were seated and ordered drinks he passed 2 diskettes supposedly containing their company profile and training required. When my coll wanted to put the phone back into her handbag, but the man stop her, saying that his wife will call back. And true enough, his wife did call back to my coll's hp, asking where is the restaurant and how to get there. So, of course my coll pass the hp to the guy, and the guy walked out from the restaurant, while asking my
coll to wait for him. He left his pouch bag on the table (it was locked with a small padlock as if there's thousands RM inside). So my coll, waited for about 15- 30 mins. The guy called back to the restaurant,
mentioning to her that the meeting have changed place, and ask her to go to Equotorial Hotel which is 2 blocks away and he even have the guts to ask my coll to pay for the drinks first, and he will reimbursed back later. He also asked her to bring his bag along and he will meet her at the Golden Phoenix restaurant.

So, my coll went to the new meeting place, but as she suspected, no one is there.... she walked out and look for a public phone and call the off. She stopped at Gloria Jeans Coffee and told the manager there what just happened and this kind gentlement help her to make a few phone calls and he also helped to open the pouch bag and as expected again there's a big stone wrapped in a newspaper... and all the suspicions comes to an end...

Conclusion: she have lost her handphone to a very professional con men. Of course it is just a handphone but to think of the trouble that she has gone through and the time wasted for all these are just sickening...

So please.. pass this around so that it can be a lesson to learn for others..

Koh Poh Lin
Nota Asia (M) Sdn Bhd
DID: 03-56392968
HP: 016-2629199

(diambil dari forwarded email)